Why Disney World Vacations Are Great for Family Holidays

Why Disney World Vacations Are Great for Family Holidays

The most obvious reason for why Disney World makes great family vacation spots is the entertainment. Families can attend shows that are appropriate for all ages, go on rides, meet the characters and watch fun, parades, participate in tea ceremonies, and a host of other activities, all on the back of a daily pass fee.

Many people get excited about all-inclusive trips, getting to pay $1500 for a weeklong vacation in a hot  spot, and while the price is right, that price typically only includes accommodations, drinks, and meals—no entertainment—which means, although you got a great deal on your basic package, any additional perks will have to be purchased separately, and, for a family of say four, that could add up quickly. Can you get all-inclusive for cheaper than $1500 a person? Absolutely! But it depends on where you want to go – and where you don’t want to go.

Disney advantage

The typical Disney World vacation is, comically enough, a lot like planning a Vegas vacation. There is a lot to do at Disney World, and it can be a very overwhelming experience for parents and children. So, where you might spenDisney World Vacationsd a week lying on a beach for $1500, Disney World trips are often only four days in length (just like Vegas!). In those four days, you can go on a bunch of super fun rides, see a myriad of attractions, meet a ton of Disney princesses and other famous characters, and get your fill of fun resort shows and plays. You are literally inundated with options, which is the best for families with children because no kid simply wants to lay on a beach for a week – it gets old quickly.

Disney a la carte

Disney World is a very pick-and-choose experience, which can make it very affordable, or very expensive, depending on your budget. You can expect to spend $1100 (thereabouts) on your Disney World day passes for 4 days for 4 people, although very young children will cost less per day and therefore less overall. But let’s just say that that’s the total cost, and it can’t really be mitigated unless you snag a promo deal of some sort. Outside of that cost, however, the sky is the limit. You can investigate multiple airports and airlines to find who has the best ticket prices to fly there, or you can drive there to save even more money. You don’t have to stay at the Disney World Resort hotels, either; you can search around for the best deal at a nearby off-resort hotel. You can also control your costs by planning where you will eat in advance. Make reservations for hotel rooms and budget accordingly. This is great because you pick what you eat and what you like.

The other benefit of going to Disney World for your family holiday is that you don’t have to worry about any costs associated with traveling to a foreign country – like special vaccines, special insurance, etc. On top of it all, Disney World offers your children an amazing, sometimes life-changing experience. Watch your children’s hearts swell with love and their imaginations soar as they interact with a world of make believe and get to meet their heroes face-to-face. What better way is there to spend a family vacation than that?

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